Endorsed by G. Gordon Liddy
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Endorsed by G. Gordon Liddy

To Whom It May Concern:

Having been a prosecutor, defense counsel and Special Agent of the FBI, I am well aware of the requirements for qualifying an expert witness. I am also a graduate of the Motorcycle Safety Course and for years have held a heavy motorcycle license and have thousands of miles of riding experience.

The foregoing is to establish my credibility in recommending to any law firm or insurance company Mr. Bill Miko of American Motorcycle Forensics as an expert witness/consultant in cases involving motorcycles. Mr. Miko is a former owner of a Harley Davidson dealership; is capable of building a motorcycle from scratch in his own shop and has a nationally syndicated program on the subject of motorcycles on the Radio America network. He has cared for two of my custom-built motorcycles and I have known him for years. He will do a superb job of investigating the circumstances of a motorcycle accident and evaluating the motorcycle itself to determine the cause and then testify in court as an expert.

Mr. Miko carries with him my highest recommendation which you should not hesitate to confirm by speaking to me personally. My mobile telephone number is: (301) 518-XXXX

Yours sincerely,

G. Gordon Liddy Endorsement